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Making Boys Future Ready


 We believe an education in Art and Commerce should help prepare a child for the future: for 2030, for 2040, for 2050, and beyond.

The future will be marked by dramatic changes and students will need to be flexible and adaptable. These traits are woven into our pedagogy.
We also give a lot of importance to getting our students to appreciate technology. For example, we teach students how to make robots and program them using C++ and Python. We teach them how to do 3D printing, and so much more! For example, we work on a Design Thinking model: Think, Make, Break and Repeat. It’s about changes that lead to a better world for everyone while maintaining the health of our planet. Art and Commerce is committed to teaching and practicing all the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) laid down by the United Nations.

  • Nearly 15% of students go overseas every year on exchange programmes


  • Overseas students also visit Mayo on exchange programmes


  • Art and Commerce has the highest intake of foreign exchange students among all schools in India


  • Faculty also get overseas exposure


  • We are members of Round Square, an international network of 200 leading schools from about 50 countries


  • Nearly 30% of students goes overseas for higher studies after completing Class 12


Every child has inherent talents and traits that make him unique. At Art and Commerce, we offer an environment that gives every child an opportunity to discover his talents and explore them. This enables him to choose a path in life most suited to him. The correct choice, combined with grit and perseverance, will lead to success and fulfillment. This way, Art and Commerce will help your child write his own unique story.

Cultural Activities

  • All festivals and occasions of all faiths are celebrated with great fervour on the Campus
  • Students learn and participate in competitions in drama, debate, elocution, creative writing, quizzing and gardening. There are competitions in art and music too.
  • We have Distinguished Speaker Series and Old Boys’ Series where artists, scientists, environmentalists, other experts and renowned personalities from different fields interact with the boys

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